"We aren't just changing the lives of the women we serve, we are changing the future of generations."

Dara Koenig

Dara Koenig

Meet Our Founder

Life coach, author, and public speaker, Dara Koenig is all about empowering others and helping fellow females to reach their goals. For as long as she can remember, Dara has always been focused on people; spending the better half of a decade of her career helping others. From working with large-scale companies to market their services, hiring employees for their dream jobs, launching a nonprofit to uplift women, career coaching, and publishing a devotional series, Dara has worked in every facet of helping others reach new heights and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently promoted to Director of Recruiting Hiring and Training with PSXDigital for her 9 to 5, she has also been busy launching other businesses that can create a long-lasting, positive impact on those who use her services. In 2019, Changing Your Conversation was born. Dara founded Changing Your Conversation to be a safe space for at-risk or low-income women to receive free life and career coaching services. The purpose of this nonprofit centers around changing the narrative to yourself and others when you’re at a low place in your life. Instilling confidence in fellow females is Dara’s key mission through her work at Changing Your Conversation, because she believes you can “change your conversation; change your future”. Because of her efforts, women across the country are moving closer to their goals of financial and economic stability daily!

In addition to the tactical skills that women need to negotiate a change in their lives, Dara is also passionate about leading them to a more spiritual awakening through the Power of Christ. Her devotional, “Filled: Hopeless to Hopefilled in 30-days” was #3 in Amazon’s Best-Seller list and gives other women a month-long framework to change their spiritual mindset for the better.

Dara is an ice cream lover and coffee enthusiast! She loves spending her free time with her husband and four children. Those closest to her describe her as loving, joyful, and encouraging; she loves to host and is happiest when she has a house full of people she cares about. That’s reminiscent of the way she feels professionally as well. The more people she is helping, the more fulfilled Dara feels. Bringing people together is a passion she prides herself on and making them happier than they were when they got there is a must. The saying, “be the change you want to see in the world” is how she chooses to live her life and she hopes to help others see life through the same lens.

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