Who Am I?

7 April 2021


I can relate to Paul's story in his utter surrender. Paul participated in the persecution of Jesus' followers. It's no wonder he fell in awe when Jesus came to him. Didn't you when you realized who Jesus is and his redemption of you? Yet you still ask, "who am I?"

Who am I to write that book?

Who am I to say those words?

Who am I to pray those prayers?

You are who Jesus has chosen.

You are who God has called by name.

Why do you doubt the one who saved you?

Moses was a classic example. The last 1/4 of Genesis was filled with examples of him telling God he can't do what he's telling him to do. Later he gets better but still never fully surrenders.

Yet Paul does.

Paul frequently speaks of Jesus' grace over his life. He acknowledges what Jesus did. Paul boasts about what the cross did for him. He knows it is by Jesus and Jesus alone he is doing anything good with his life because he knows just how deep he has sinned against God.

He killed people who followed God's Son!

So the magnitude of Jesus' forgiveness and love fell wholly on him. It was so wondrous he couldn't contain the message. It so overwhelmed him that he spoke and wrote boldly everywhere he went.

Much is spoken of Paul's ministry, but little of his time being taught. Paul spent years studying and relearning the scripture, looking for Jesus. Learning from those who walked with him. Listening to the stories of who Jesus was and what he did here on earth. He was taught the gospel.

This is why he can be so bold. He knows Jesus. He spent time learning to understand what he experienced but still remained humble enough to realize he never willfully get it this side of heaven. He was given by Jesus what he needed to do and what was planned for him. We see that time and time again in his letters.

Jesus will do the same for you.

Jesus wants to do the same for you.

He wants to give you that story. Will you start to type?

He wants to give you those words. Will you use your voice?

He wants to answer those prayers. Will you open your heart?

When Jesus chooses you to do something, all you need to be successful is willingness.

Will you stop thinking you need more to do what you know you should be doing?

You are equipped.

You are right where you need to start.

There is one action right now you know you can do. That is what you do.

Then the next.

Then the next...

Follow Jesus. Listen to his instruction.


How do I know it's right? I hear that a lot.

Do you know Jesus? Do you know His character? Do you know him beyond the basics?

You have friends that if you asked them for advice, you have a good idea what they'd say, yes? Why is that? It's because you know them. You know or understand their character; if they are close, you know their heart. It is the same with Jesus. When you read about him, when you purposely pursue building your relationship with him, you know his advice. You know when your actions are correct. You see the difference between when you follow it and not.

This is where we surrender our will and strengthen our faith. We take the advice of Jesus over our friends. We trust the direction of Jesus over our own hearts. We know and accept his ways are best.

Do you know Jesus? Do you trust his advice? Are you ready to stop questioning your ability and do what he has been telling you to do?