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Professionally Written Resume

Job hunting isn’t easy, so our career coaching plan includes a free, professionally written resume. No matter where you are in your career path, our team will work with you to provide you with a unique, professionally written resume. Your resume is one of the first things your coach and you will work on. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd with a fully customized resume based on your unique personal success story, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more. You won’t get a stock template – you’ll be working with someone vested in your long-term success.

Your coach will help you develop your personal brand and the core messages you’ll want to communicate to employers. Of course, your resume is your primary marketing document for your career brand, so your coach will also help you identify the unique strengths and attributes you can highlight when selling yourself in all other forms of networking.

Why do you need a professionally written resume?

Bragging about yourself doesn't come naturally.

Contrary to popular belief, it is often difficult for people to write about their accomplishments and strengths, as bragging about yourself doesn't come naturally to most people.

Your coach's focus is to help you change your conversation. To have the confidence to apply for the job, you have to believe you can do the job. You can't nail the interview if you doubt you can even do the job. A personal, hand-crafted resume will do you no good if you don't believe it. Our founder's unique way of coaching will take you through a detailed process to extract the necessary information and write it on your behalf, resulting in a much stronger document. You will see yourself through a brand new lens.

What about a cover letter?

There is always a cover letter.

The cover letter has one purpose to get you in the door. In many HR Manager's eyes everything is about details. Did you send one if required? If not, you better have a killer resume even to get looked at, and I mean killer. The first thing they think is you can't follow directions or are grossly underqualified and don't read the resume. Is it fair, you may question? I would flip that around and ask you whether they are wrong.

Be prepared to apply for the job of your dreams with a personalized cover letter written just for you.

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